January 10, 2009

Third DV Charge in Four Months

How does it get to this? I understand that there has to be a hearing, but what was put into place after the first time to protect others (since it doesn't come right out and SAY this is against the same woman)? What about the second time in the same month? Here is says he was charged for this third incident...is he finally behind bars until something can be determined? I surely hope so, because in this case I don't see where he can plead not guilty....well I guess he could, but if he didn't do any of it (either time) then I guess he just has some bad lick in being blamed for violence.... Why can't something be done to protect others from these monsters?

"A Wadena man faces his third domestic violence case since September after an altercation at a Wadena apartment Dec. 27.
Ronald Blair, 49, is accused of punching a woman in the face and pushing her to the ground because she was “disrespecting” him, according to Wadena County court documents. The woman wielded a knife to protect herself in the fight.
The victim called 911 but Blair allegedly took the phone from her and broke it in half. When police arrived to investigate, Blair blamed the alleged victim for the incident, saying, “That b---- is all cracked out again!”
Blair was charged Dec. 30 with felony domestic assault, interfering with a 911 call and fourth-degree criminal damage to property.
Court records indicate he has two previous domestic violence related charges from Sept. 17 and Sept. 30, 2008.
His first court hearing was set for Jan. 6."

Original Article: Domestic violence charge is man’s third in four months | Wadena Pioneer Journal | Wadena, Minnesota

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