January 2, 2009

Happy Holidays & Stay Safe in 2009!!!

Holiday Colors are NOT Black & Blue...

All of us from UAADV.org wish you and yours a Happy & SAFE New Year!


During the Holidays life can get more stressful, mostly in an economy such as ours at this time, and unfortunately DV incidences rise during this time of year.  Know the red flags, get the information you need, and know what to do in case you are faced with a violent altercation with a loved one.  There IS help!  No-One deserves to be abused, and there IS life after abuse!  We've made it, so can you!!

Survivors, please be there during this time of year more then any other, to help speak out and let those that may need support know that it's out there.  Help each other!  Domestic Violence Awareness NEEDS to be SEEN and HEARD more often!  Help be that change and help Break the Silence of Domestic Violence!

Thank You to those that are making a difference!  All your time, effort, and work truly does make a difference and is truly appreciated!  UAADV thanks everyone that has helped in the past years in making UAADV as strong as it is, and we are looking forward to growing further in the coming year.

Let's make 2009 the year we come together and TRULY make a difference!

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  1. Congrats we picked your blog as a winner of the Superior Scribbler Award

    We received this award from a wonderful blog Battered Mothers Lose Custody & Randi James and we are honored Battered Mothers Lose Custody and Randi James chose us as one of the 5 to receive this great award! This is a great way for us bloggers to visit other great sites and get visitors to our own! Hats off to both of them and to the scholastic scribe!

    So we too shall dish it out in turn:

    There are conditions attached to the Award, however. The rules are simple:
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    Now, our choices for our fave five:

    1. UAADV - For their dedication to assisting victims of domestic violence and raising awareness. Keep up the good work!

    2. Parent Alienation Witch Hunt- For exposing Parent Alienation for what it is - a witch hunt targeting mothers and children. Keep up the fantastic work!

    3. Family Court Crisis - Abusers Getting Custody - For providing up to date sources and awareness on how abusers are getting custody of the children and how the court fails to protect them. Keep up the wonderful work!

    4. Zoompads Blog - For creating awareness about pedophile organizations internationally and the corruption in the UK Court system.

    5. Indianas Shame Teardrops for Katelyn - For Writing about the human rights abuses of womena and children in the family court. Keep up your amazing work!