January 10, 2009

Marked Women (Baltimore City Paper)

This is a very long article but it is well worth the read! There is alot of good information here for someone who is experiencing abuse, or for someone that has a friend experiencing abuse. This article is also good for those that have recently gotten out of a Domestic Violence situation and are thinking they can't make it or contemplating going back. Going back is never a good idea and you can make! You are not alone and this article will show you that. Please pass this on to anyone you think would benefit from reading it.

"'My mom was killed by my dad so we moved,' Takia* says when asked what brought her to Baltimore. Sitting in the kitchen in the House of Ruth's shelter for battered woman, the pretty 28-year-old with a soft, open face is matter of fact, saying it the way others might say their dad got a..."

Read the full article here: Baltimore City Paper - News+Features: Marked Women


  1. What gets me is that the FR creeps claim that we women make all this up just to get even or to get out of a relationship to get child support which they feel they should not have to pay. When are men going to start making each other accountable for the damage they do to women in their lives.

  2. Thank you for this comment, as you are very correct that the men in today's society need to start holding each other accountable for their actions. Some men do this and are starting to speak out against DV, which is very needed in more areas!

  3. I agree 100% Anonymous, men need to help in this! Women cannot do it alone! It isn't a gender problem, it's a problem of Society, and everyone needs to take a part in being a part of the solution. Remember that old saying "If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem?" Unfortunately, many men wont get involved unless it's happened to someone they love, or they themselves have been victimized. Everyone can do a little something to help in this, yet, too many still don't know what to do. Sometimes it's the most simple of things, like being there for a Victim or Survivor to talk too, to posting up flyers or sharing pamphlets of information. Yes, some men use this in order to gain custody of the children, yet, they are being allowed too by a society that doesn't seem to want to see...