March 1, 2012

Domestic violence front and centre following death of Airdrie woman

Glory Przekop Feb 27, 2012 16:17:01 PM

The tragic murder suicide of an Airdrie woman and her boyfriend has raised concerns of domestic violence.

It's believed Andrea Conroy's boyfriend, Rick Doucette, is responsible for her death.  He was found dead in a Nanton hotel of an apparent suicide.

Former friends and associates say Doucette had a history of violence and playing women.

Kevin McNichol, with Home Front, a domestic violence support network, says this horrible tragedy could have been prevented.

He says it's hard for women in a toxic relationship to see there is help out there for them.

McNichol says it's also important for friends and family to take action if they fear for the safety of a loved one, and that can be something as simple as asking the question and not being afraid of the answer.

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