September 23, 2007

Wed-Thur News Roll-up(Sep. 19-20, 2007)

The first three articles below outline some over all good information about DV in general. They give three different perspectives into the community problems that arise from DV, even through all state different statistics. I do get discouraged that these types of articles are only written around this time of year, at least they have become more informative over the past few years. I wanted to take a break from just all the bad stuff that happens in the world and have us look a little closer at the good things going on in the movement.

The last article was very interesting to me and somewhat a breath of fresh air, so to speak, to find that there are those out there trying to relate the seriousness of abuse in LGBT relationships. Most of us never think that there is DV in the LGBT community. This article describes the differences as well as the similarities of abuse in same gender vs. different gender couples. There are still DV shelters in the US that will not take in a lesbian much less a gay man. They won't even talk to them or try to help....These shelters generally will try to blame the sexual orientation as the cause of the abuse, like they don't deserve to be helped. This is a very sore subject with me, as are the DOMA Laws. It all pretty much allows those in the LGBT community to "get away" with being abusive. I'm not saying that I believe that the abuse is any worse in one situation or another, I'm just saying that it is my belief that all human beings regardless of anything, should be treated the same if they are being abused by someone else.

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