September 23, 2007

Mon-Tues News Roll-up(Sep. 17-18, 2007)

I'm still very disturbed that there are places in the US that do not already have DV "plans" but I guess it takes a weekend of violence for then to see they need one......I also still find it hard to believe that if a police officer is arrested for domestic violence and admits to it, which is why he was arrested, that he would get paid admin leave until the investigation is finished. What is there to investigate? He admitted it! Police officers are supposed to uphold the law, and I really don't think that after admitting to breaking a law he should get and type of paid time off. The last article here is VERY graphic, and I'm sorry to say that I'm shocked as well as pleased that it is! I think that in order to make others realize just how serious this issue is it needs to be very graphic in the main stream media, which is something we don't get very often. Maybe this will be an eye opening case for many throughout the US.
Now to the last two stories I've listed here, the first one I added only to make a point....the fact that this Senator is filing such a frivolous lawsuit in order to make HIS point. Which ultimately revolves around one main case, the last story listed here. A woman is supposed to get up in court and testify that she "had sex" with a man that raped her because the judge barred the words "rape", " sexual assault", "victim", and "assailant" from his court room. How on earth is a jury supposed to hear this case if the lawyers or the victim can not tell what actually happened? How do they decide what this man is guilty of, if anything, when they are hearing testimony from a victim allowed only to say "had sex"...which in and of itself in our culture implies consent? They are forcing her to LIE under oath!
All of these sorties from the past two days shows us this is just the type of attitude we are trying to hard to fight and overcome in America. We think we are so far ahead of the rest of the world and in many ways we are, but it is just this very type of thing that seems to make all other efforts seem to be for naught! However, there ARE good movements afoot, and if we all stand together as one voice we CAN make a difference!
Activists propose domestic violence plan
WFAA (subscription) - Dallas,TX,USA
By BOB GREENE / WFAA-TV After a weekend of domestic violence that included a mother and her children being stabbed to death and a mother setting her ...

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Tribal police chief arrested in domestic violence
(AP) - A police report shows the chief of the Fort Yuma Quechan tribal police was arrested on a domestic violence charge after he told an officer he hit his ...

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Warning--very graphic, may trigger!
Woman killed after two years of reported domestic violence - Jonesboro,GA,USA
Walker received an award, last week, for the work she's done in improving the county's magistrate court response to domestic violence and protective orders. ...

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Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers Suing God for Terroristic ...
TransWorldNews (press release), GA - 1 hour ago
Nebraska state senator Ernie Chambers has filed a lawsuit against God claiming the omnipotent and omniscient One has leveled terroristic threats against him ...
Nebraska State Senator Sues God The Associated Press
Nebraska State Senator sues God to stop plagues, terror Raw Story
State senator sues God USA Today - FOX News
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Legal Sparring in Rape Case
WOWT, NE - Sep 13, 2007
Tory Bowen, who is fighting to allow use of words like "rape" and "victim" in court, must prove to a federal judge by Tuesday that her lawsuit against a ...

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