September 28, 2007

UPDATE:9.28.07 Unidentified girl on tape in NV--May Trigger

The above link as of now has video of the press conference today.  During that conference police indentified by name a Person of Interest to them in this case.  His name is Chester Authur Stiles, he already has warrants out for arrest in another matter.  They released the first name of the little girl being abused as Madison, they will not confirm a spelling, and said that the man in the tape called the little girl this several times during the taping.  They are asking that anyone knowing her, him or the whereabouts of either please come forward immediately.  They believe that either the mother does NOT know about this OR would not come forward.  They are fairly certain that this is not a case of kidnapping and that this man has done this to this particular girl before, based on analysis of the tape.  They honestly believe that the only thing that will crack this is going to be a tip from a care worker, relative, someone that has served one or the other in a resturant, etc.......They are still asking that this be disseminated to the fullest.  During the press conference they showed a picture of Chester Stiles, and this should be available online as soon as reporters finish writing their stories.  They still have no clue as to WHERE the tape was made or exactly WHEN but more than likely was made after Jan. 2005.  They also said they have NO CLUE where this man and little girl may be at this moment, i.e. which state.

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