September 26, 2007

Money for DV Victims/Survivors

As ya'll can see I'm off on a tangent....I couldn't think of anything good to write about the news so you got just a small made me think....instead of just always looking for what others are doing and reporting that to you....WHY in the world am I not doing something productive like looking for help for those already out of their situations or getting ready to leave a DV relationship....isn't that what UAADV is here for to help? Well, yeah, sure we will help those seeking a shelter to take them and assist others in dealing with the emotional pieces of their lives that have been scattered by DV.....but really what could I do to help more women? So below you have my feeble attempt.....I've found four (well, there's more but I'm still checking them out) ways to help with education money, housing money, emergency funds, plastic surgery and even housing itself. I know two of the below must be filled out by the DV shelter or organization you are getting help from already.....

Where there is a will and great enough need we will find a way to make these programs work for you!!!

Advocates: If you don't already know about these they are great to keep on a back burner until someone comes to you that could benefit from them!!!
Once you click this link it looks like a blank page, scroll down, there is a brief story and a request to donate, just keep scrolling, near the bottom it tells you how to apply for's a $2000 individual personal grant.....shelter workers: this may help someone you are assisting right now!!!

If you live in any of these states: West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina, you may be eligible for up to 24 months help in transitional housing through this organization, just read what this program offers. Look around the website you may be able to get help from them for other stuff also even if you don't need the housing. Use the Contact Us link to get the phone number and CALL THEM!!!!

Providing DV Victims and Survivors with the hope to survive today, tomorrow, and beyond;
MaryVP, United Angels Against Domestic Violence--
Co-Owner, Crafty Angels--

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