September 29, 2007

Take Pictures, they may come in handy later!

We have all at one time or another seen an article or watched a news report that relates such a horrifying story that ends up with the abuser not being convicted.  Most times it is because of lack of evidence.  One way a person can protect themselves is this:  TAKE PICTURES!!  Even if you do not call the cops, take pictures of the bruises, the red marks, cuts, whatever damage may have been inflicted.  If you have a digital camera that is the best way, those have date/time stamps.  Make sure it is clear in the pictures who the person is.  Don't just take a close up of the damage, but also take a picture farther away, trying to include the victims face.  If you are taking pictures of yourself try the best you can to just hold the camera out from you and use the zoom to get close up and farther away.  If you do have a digital camera and are afraid that the pictures will be seen, get another memory card for it.  They are so small and easy to hide.  Make sure to switch them in and out when you need to.  Some memory cards for digital cameras are so small you can hide them almost anywhere.....taped to the back of your drivers license, inside the battery area on your cell phone.  Make sure to mark it in such a way you won't get it mixed up with the one you don't mind leaving in the camera. 
If you don't have a digital camera, then try to buy disposable cameras.  They are a little harder to hide but can be done.  If you use this method for taking pictures keep a little log with the camera......on it write the date, time, and what the picture is of.  Make sure to keep both of these things well hidden.....a good place to hide them would be in with your female things.....
If the cops are called, ask them to take pictures when they are talking to you seperately.  Tell them you are afraid, ask them to say it is required to take the pictures.
If you have someone else take the pictures have them write on the log that the picture they took was of you, have them write our your name and which part of the body each picture was taken of (i.e.  Sally Smith, bruised right arm).   
09/19/2007 - NY, US - "In Domestic Abuse, Digital Photos Can Say More Than Victims" from NY Times
The article reports, "Polaroid photographs, like these, are being used less often in domestic violence cases. Prosecutors say digital photos are clearer, last longer and are more easily shared with other investigators."
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