September 27, 2007

Update about the video found in the desert--Possible Trigger

Hi all, just wanted to share with you what I've found out about the video of the little girl being molested that was supposedly found in the desert out west......This is true, Americas Most Wanted aired it this past weekend, below is their article and two others.....there are phone numbers in the articles to call if you know the identity of any of the people pictured.  After reviewing the tape, detectives are now saying a second girl is seen on the video and she is about 10 they believe.  Detectives say that the 10 yr old is not being abused in anyway on the tape, only the 4-5 yr. old.  The AMW site has enhanced pictures of both girls and the man on the tape that are clearer than the ones going through emails.  I've gotten several emails with just the pictures of the little girl and several with just pics of the girl and the man.....if you have gotten these emails and forwarded them please also forward the links to the stories below, so that everyone out there realizes this is not a hoax!!
Police believe that the video was shot sometime around 2003 or 2004.  The man that turned in the video has been arrested and released.  Before you get all angry at that, read the articles and see why......

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  1. This is something that really needs to get out, and people really need to take seriously. If there's one of these out, there may be more out there, most likely are. This is where the public can truly help.....
    I'll be putting an action alert on UAADV about this, connecting it to here so that they can get more information. Please, post, share, email this information....That way, if you can't help directly, you helping get the word out could possibly make a difference and save a life.........
    ~Angel Hugs~
    Founder of UAADV