September 29, 2007

Teen Pregnancy and Partner Violence

 "Partner Violence, Teen Pregnancy Linked" from Family Violence Prevention Fund
The article reports, "A groundbreaking new study finds a significant connection between abusive relationships and teen pregnancy. Published in the journal Ambulatory Pediatrics and released last week, the study finds that one quarter of adolescents with histories of abusive relationships said that their abusive partners had actively tried to get them pregnant by manipulating condom use, sabotaging birth control, and making explicit statements about wanting them to become pregnant."
Related Info:
* Press Release: "Teen Girls Report Abusive Boyfriends Try to Get Them Pregnant" from the UC Davis Health System
* Press Release: "Leading Violence Prevention Expert Praises New Study on 'Birth Control Sabotage,' Notes Link Between Abusive Relationships & Teen Pregnancy" from the Family Violence Prevention Fund (September 20, 2007)
* Abstract: Male Partner Pregnancy-Promoting Behaviors and Adolescent Partner Violence: Findings from a Qualitative Study with Adolescent Females Ambulatory Pediatrics, Volume 7, Issue 5, Pages 360-366 (September 2007)

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