June 29, 2015

New Names Posted on Le Chrysalis Remembers

Please visit Le Chrysalis Remembers and go through the pages of those that should be remembered and not forgotten.  If you are moved to do so, please leave a comment or a prayer for the family of the loved one that has been brutally taken away from them.

For those of us that have lost loved ones to Violence and Domestic Violence, we know how important it is not to forget them, to get their stories out, and to hopefully prevent the tragedy from happening to someone else.  Too many families have been torn apart into chaos by violent tragedy, please help to support those that we list here.

Lavenna Shorter IN 04-09-2011

Sabrina Alcantar AZ 06-02-2009

Holly Anderson AZ 08-02-2009

Dawn Axsom AZ 10-16-2009

William Baker AZ 02-02-2009

Selena Bedonie AZ 08-07-2009

Geraldine Chico AZ 09-27-2009

Kezia Clinkscales AZ 02-06-2009

Vernon Cumming AZ 01-20-2009

Ashley DeWitte AZ 06-24-2009

Edgar Dupree AZ 07-11-2009

Ashley Fimbrez AZ 03-29-2009

Patricia Garcia AZ 01-18-2009

Danielle Gary AZ 07-29-2009

Lisa Grondin AZ 09-20-2009

Aaron Ham AZ 09-21-2009

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