November 10, 2015

School Principal Charged with Assaulting Wife

When hearing this, I had to post this…it made me really think of how so many people still think that Domestic Violence only happen in poor, uneducated families.  Here’s a Principal of a School, who MUST be educated in order to hold that position, and yet, here’s Domestic Violence…

One thing I want to be viewed is the fact that he’s been put on suspension with pay pending the investigation.  It worries me that a man who would assault his wife, lock her up in the bathroom, and hold a gun while authorities attempt to resolve the issue and him refusing to respond, and then later coming down and stating he didn’t hear them?  Ok, I believe that…when I believe pigs can fly!

Number one…you have police officers attempting to yell at you to contact you, or phone you, or however they did it, you would hear someone attempting over and over attempting to contact you.  Then add in the SWAT team…he didn’t hear them???  How can you NOT hear a SWAT team??

If I was a parent in this school district, I would refuse to allow him to continue to be the Principal of this school, or any other.  The address below is for those that are interested in writing the

Dorchester County Public School Board of Education

700 Glasgow St., Cambridge, MD 21613

Phone # 410-228-4747

Please be respectful and let them know without a doubt that we will NOT stand for someone who commits this type of crime to be over seeing the education of our children!  This is NOT the type of person we want our children to look up too and wanting to emulate! 

God Bless and I pray that the wife stays safe and stays out of this relationship and finds the strength within herself that God has provided and lives on somewhere in safety and peace, the way God intended her to do.  No one deserves to live like this!

UPDATE: Dorchester Co. principal charged with assault

Chris Scalice, Executive Producer,

POSTED: 01:12 PM EST Nov 09, 2015 UPDATED: 08:26 PM EST Nov 09, 2015 

Dorchester Co. principal charged with assault


A school administrator in Dorchester County, has been suspended after getting arrested over the weekend.

According to court documents obtained by 47 ABC, Hurlock Police were called to Vaughn Evans' house on Martin Drive on Sunday. When they arrived, they reported found his wife who told them Evans had locked her in a bathroom. The wife was apparently able to leave the bathroom and authorities were called.

Authorities say they were told that Evans had locked himself in a bedroom with a gun. After trying to contact him multiple times, authorities say they called in a swat team. However, Evans eventually turned up downstairs. He apparently told authorities he was taking a bath, and couldn't hear them calling him.

Evans was arrested and charged with second degree assault and false imprisonment.

According to the Dorchester County Detention Center, Evans was released after posting $15,000 bond.

Evans is the school principal at North Dorchester Middle School.

Dr. Henry Wagner, the Superintendent of Dorchester County Schools, says Evans has been suspended with pay pending the investigation. Wagner tells 47 ABC a notice will be sent out to parents today regarding the situation. The letter reportedly states that Evans will be out of the building until further notice.

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