December 28, 2008

Survivor Poem

All we Wanted for Christmas was Love...

It was Christmas morning
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
Not even a mouse.

The stress had been building,
The anger he barely could hide.
We smiled like porcelain dolls,
Our fear barely held inside.

There were presents under the Christmas tree,
Wrapped all in pretty paper and bow.
Our smiles became more strained,
The anxiety inside couldn't help but grow.

The children unwrapped their gifts,
So wonderful was the sight.
Their eyes were not only wide with wonder,
But also wide with barely contained fright.

With all the presents under the tree,
All we wanted for Christmas was love.
But that can't be bought with a bow stuck on,
And put under the tree with a shove.

We appeared the perfect family,
Even though we all knew it was just a show.
For anyone looking at us from the outside,
Surely couldn't see it, just wouldn't know.

Off we went in our Holiday best,
To Holiday dinner with family and friend.
Outside appearing happy and content,
Inside wondering when and how the day would end.

Later on that night,
When all was quiet and still.
He came at me in an outrage,
And took me against my will.

Knowing the children were down the hall,
Tucked just recently in their beds.
I kept it as quiet as possible,
Hoping their pillows covered their heads.

I wore colors I didn't expect to wear that Christmas,
After the night was said and done.
With my head bowed low to hide the bruises,
The next morning he knew he had won.

With presents under the Christmas tree,
And presents around the house put aside.
This was what we got every Christmas,
Something I could no longer abide.

That was last Christmas,
Shortly after with the children I fled.
He never did want us,
This many times he had said.

This Christmas was different,
We didn't have much but that didn't matter.
Because our house was full of love,
Hugs, smiles and true laughter.

No more will we have to wonder,
If the day will end in bruises, pain and tears.
Because all we wanted for Christmas was love,
A gift that together we can now safely give for years...

T. Bunting

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