December 28, 2008

Le Chrysalis December 2008 Issue

Happy Holidays & Stay Safe in 2009!!
Holiday Colors are NOT Black and Blue...  Read More

Holiday Blahs...
As a Survivor with Survivor issues, how can you combat the Holiday Blahs?  Here are a few things that Survivors have shared...  Read More

The Meaning of Christmas
Sometimes we miss the true meaning of Christmas, many of us Survivor having to scratch and claw for everything that we've gotten.  Many times not having the things that we've needed...  Read More

Holiday Empowerment for Survivors
It's very important to Empower yourself this Holiday Season!  Read More

New Year Affirmations for Survivors
Starting a New Year...  Read More

Survivor Poem
This issues poem is entitled "All we Wanted for Christmas was Love"  Read More

Those of us in the group of Survivor that relocated to NC with absolutely nothing wish to Thank You and to let you know that your caring and giving has made this Christmas one we will always remember and...  Read More

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