December 28, 2008


  Those of us in the group of Survivor that relocated to NC with absolutely nothing wish to Thank YOu and to let you know that your caring and giving has made this Christmas one we will always remember and cherish.  Your thoughtful and caring gifts brought smiles instead of tears to our children's eyes.  The laughter they have instead of the fear and tears can never be replaced.  Your generosity has relit the light of Christmas and love in not only ourselves but that of our children.  We can never say Thank You enough, these items will always be cherished as will your love, caring and generosity towards us.  Just know that this caring and generosity will be kept going forward.  We intend to help other Survivors and Victims of Domestic Violence.  If we work together hopefully we can stamp out the after affects of Domestic Violence.  We will together strive to ensure that no Survivor has to go through it alone...  Thank You!!

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