December 28, 2008

Holiday Empowerment for Survivors

It's very important to Empower yourself this Holiday Season!

Look at your past Holidays with your abuser, I'm sure you'll find small things that you are unable to do that you wanted to do.  This year, do them!

Cook that Christmas dinner without being yelled at or put down!

Put the decorations that you want up where you want them!

Plan your Holiday the way you've wanted too, and maybe you couldn't!

Call those that your abuser didn't want you to talk to!

Spend Christmas morning with your kids in your pj's, or in whatever you may have wanted to do!

Take your time, do what you want to do, instead of being afraid that you aren't doing things good enough or in the time that your abuser may have wanted them done.

Spend this Holiday Season without the fear that you've lived with while with your abuser!

Take YOUR Holiday back!  Take YOUR life back!

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