April 14, 2008

Warner woman receives suspended sentence for enabling sexual abuse

Ok, so I'm sure there is more to this story....however, first the woman says she knew about the abuse, then allowed it to continue, then blames the fact she didn't report to stop it on her own upbringing and her church....even though it was members of her church that did report it, and the judge still gives her a suspended sentence and says:
“I just don’t buy it — I can’t reconcile it,” Alford told LaBounty. “On the other hand, you make a very good point the harm has already been done ...” .....what BS...... MuskogeePhoenix.com, Muskogee, OK - <font color=green>PM UPDATE: </font>Warner woman receives suspended sentence for enabling sexual abuse

And, in an update....:

Several hours after the sentence was pronounced, a woman identifying herself as
Sherry LaBounty’s twin sister, Terry Estes, said she did not believe the sentence was fair to Sherry LaBounty or her children.
She said her sister might later need her teaching certificate to make a decent living for the children. Sherry LaBounty has filed a divorce action against her husband, who is employed and provides support.
“I know my sister’s heart and how much she tried to do what was best and what was right — other people don’t know the whole situation,” Estes said.

I might buy this if he was abusing the mother also.....I guess I do need to add that, since I do know a couple women that has had something similar happen to them. Where they were being threatened or the kids lives were threatened if the mom told....so in that case, then yes I understand.....but, if that is the case here then why not just say it?

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