April 10, 2008

DV Victims in CA could go to jail

Ok, lets talk about re-victimizing the victims here....I don't live in CA so maybe I should not be so harsh on this, since apparently there is already a law similar to this for sexual assault victims. However, I think the fact that victims are the ones already made to go to DV Programs and possibly do community service for not testifying, is bad enough. These people have already been abused, and are more than likely scared for their lives to testify. However, I guess on the flip side of that, there is also the people that fabricate DV claims and then do not want to testify, because they will be seen right through.....so ok, I don't like it the way it is, I definitely do not like the proposed solution and at this moment I do not have a suggested solution....so back to keeping my mouth shut on this one...
Currently, judges can order victims to attend a
domestic violence program or perform as much as 72 hours of community service if
they won't testify. Those who still refuse after doing that can be jailed for up
to five days....
DV Victims in CA could go to jail

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