April 2, 2008

Domestic Violence Case Casts New Light on Court System

This man had won custody of his children, when the mother tried to protect her children by asking for custody, she was denied......so far not so unusual in light of the way things have been going in the courts these past few years. She was unsuccessful in protecting her children because the judge said she couldn't provide enough evidence. Enough? So that leads one to think there was evidence...but in this judges mind, not enough.....maybe the three dead children are enough evidence now??

Montgomery County State's Attorney John McCarthy would not comment about the
Castillo case but says judges do not turn a blind eye to domestic violence.

"I think for the large part, judges are very sensitive or particularly sensitive to the issues of domestic violence," McCarthy says.

Domestic Violence Case Casts New Light on Court System

I do not mean to be rude to this woman and her family over their loss, I do understand they would be devastated over this. However, this should show that judges are not sensitive to the issue of child abuse and family violence. Yes, by law they are supposed to weigh the proof, however, too many judges are not weighing the evidence and proof that are presented.

Women are told to document everything, to bring in police reports, medical records, etc....what if there aren't any? That is so often the case. a victim may not be able or allowed to call the cops. The abuser may not allow that to happen. This is just so sad that we still are fighting this in the same manner as we were years ago.

I have no easy fix for this, the laws are in place in most states to prevent this kind of thing, however; too many judges do what ever they feel like doing and innocent children are usually the ones that suffer the most at the hands of these so called defenders of justice!

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