April 3, 2008

New law allows domestic abuse victims out of rental agreements

WI Gov. Jim Doyle signed a new law that would allow a victim of DV to break a rental or lease agreement without being penalized.

But property management executive who represents landlords, however, said she was concerned the law would burden landlords.“If it works, that would be great, but I feel it targets landlords,” said Kathy Kintopf, account executive with Start Renting and board member of the Fox Valley Apartment Association.“I don’t know if it really protects anyone else in the building if that victim moves out,” Kintopf said. “Where does it stop? Would the bank let me out of my mortgage? Landlords are in favor of helping people, but I’m not
convinced this is the best way.”

HHHMMM...wondering here...which is the bigger burden: Letting someone out of a lease or rental early and then having to re-rent the place...OR...getting killed?? You decided... Wausau Daily Herald - New law allows domestic abuse victims out of rental agreements

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