April 2, 2008

Three found dead in Indianapolis House

Police are investigating the deaths of three family members on the city's southwest side. They received a 911 call from a cell phone about 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon from a man at the house, reporting a homicide-suicide. When they arrived at the residence, they found the three bodies, along with the cell phone that made the call and a suicide note. Police believe Stephen J. Johnson shot and killed his wife Renee G. Johnson, 49, and the couple's 14-year-old daughter Rebecca J. Johnson. Renee and Rebecca had been shot in the head before Johnson turned the gun on himself.

In a press release issued Wednesday, Indianapolis Police Chief Michael Spears has asked that people be made aware of the need to seek help and guidance when in difficult situations instead of resorting to violence. "There are numerous social agencies available to assist wherein solutions can be found. The use of violence only causes pain and despair and never solves the underlying problem," the statement said.

This is the second father who decided to commit murder-suicide in the past couple months in the city, taking the lives of their children, and destroying lives of those left behind! Father's rights???

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