May 2, 2008

A Mother's Three Children Are Murdered: Amy Castillo on Larry King Live

Three beautiful young children deliberately drowned in a hotel bathtub. Charged in this shocking murder, their own father. And now exclusive on Larry King Live (CNN) -- their grieving mother, Amy Castillo, speaks out about the terrible crime that shattered her life just a month ago and about her estranged husband, the man accused of committing it.

Dr. Phil joins the discussion: "But what shocked me is in, as recently as October of '07, you were actually held in contempt and fined by the courts for keeping these children away from him. And it is -- it's -- as a professional, it's astounding to me that he could have such a psychiatric history, make the comment that he made to you at Christmas about hurting you -- hurting you by killing the children and then yet here you are getting fined by the court."

Read the transcipt from the show, which aired May 1st, 2008.

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