April 17, 2012

The Survivor Behind The Picture: Barbara Satterfield Kinsey

Way to go Barbara!!  Thank you for sharing you!  For stepping out and putting your face ,story and courageous strength out there for all of those that can’t!


Thousands of viewers of the music video PSA of The Rose will have seen the portraits of 6 survivors of violence against women who courageously and generously allowed us to include their picture in the video, knowing that a global audience will see their faces and note their signs that they are survivors and wonder about the stories behind their hard-won smiles. Wonder no more, for here is the first of their stories featuring Barbara Satterfield Kinsey, a survivor and long-time Pixel Project volunteer:

Barbara-Kinsey-225x300 Violence and abuse were the story of my life. From the time I was old enough to remember, boys and grown men were abusive in one way or another – verbally, physically, emotionally, sexually – to me and to my mother. I knew it was wrong and prayed daily as a little girl that God would send Wonder Woman to come rescue us. With the revelation of sexual abuse to me came stalking, threats and the requirement to start a new life in a new city.

This did not bring an end to abuse however. It started anew with emotional and verbal abuse to me and my mother by a new man in our lives. Naturally, I dropped out of high school and moved in with…another abuser. Only by the grace of God was I rescued from a man who would have surely put me six feet under sooner rather than later.

My life has moved on, to the realm of marriage to a great man, with children and a career. I always wanted to give back but could not figure out how. An email from the NCADV offered the opportunity to serve with a new anti-Violence Against Women non-profit, called The Pixel Project. It is my honour to volunteer to help others stop violence against women of all kinds. Recently, I was asked to allow my picture to be part of the Music For Pixels campaign. I want to be a face identified as a survivor, a warrior, a conqueror – to give hope to those who have none.”

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