April 17, 2012

Man arrested for punching teen who stood up for girl

Love when it all comes together and the guilty are punished!  It’s great to see a boy standing up to a man for making sexual comments to a female of any age like that!  We need more “Boys” like that out there!  Let’s get this guys name and picture out there, let’s show these abusers that they do the crime, they’ll do the time, online as well as in prison…

By Erin Guerra Post-Tribune correspondent April 16, 2012 2:26PM

Robert Grasa SOUTH HAVEN — When a 16-year-old boy told Robert Grasa, 40, to stop making sexual comments toward a 15-year-old girl, Grasa punched him in the face.

Grasa ultimately was arrested for misdemeanor battery, but only after information from a jail-time friend made the investigation take longer than it should have, police said. The friend, Paul Crews, 30, of South Haven, was arrested for false informing.

At about 6:30 p.m. Friday, the battery victim told police, he and friends were hanging out on the bike trail when they saw two men playing with a remote control car in the parking lot of Fast Eddies, at 792 Juniper Road. When one of the men, later identified as Grasa, made inappropriate commons to a teen girl, the 16-year-old exchanged angry comments with him. The two men began to leave in a green SUV but then backed up and the passenger got out, punched him twice in the face and shoved him down a small hill.

The men left before police arrived, but two of the juvenile witnesses used cell phones to save evidence: a photo of the SUV’s license plate and a video of the battery.

Police tracked the SUV to Paul Crews, 30, of South Haven, who reportedly said he and “Robert” had been in the parking lot but he did not punch anyone. Crews said he has been friends with Robert since meeting him a few years ago while they were incarcerated at the Porter County Jail, but he did not know his last name, phone number, address or any way to contact him.

Meanwhile, police learned Garsa’s last name from jail staff there when he served time for check fraud, and they learned his Valparaiso address by talking with his incarcerated girlfriend. While Grasa was not at home, an anonymous neighbor directed him to another Valparaiso woman’s apartment, where Grasa was found in her bedroom. He was arrested at 10:10 p.m. Saturday after admitting to punching the juvenile for calling him a name.

Grasa also said Crews had been calling him to keep him updated on the investigation, and he was deliberately giving false information.

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