April 25, 2009

Newark Family Court Rally April 27th, to Save Two Young Girls


Hello Stop Family Violence NY and NJ!
There is an important event taking place at the Newark Family Court on Monday April 27 at noon that I hope you can attend.   Here are the details:
Urgent Crisis
  —two young daughters are in imminent danger of being taken from their protective mother and handed to their sexually abusive father, potentially within this month! 
Facts of this Case:
      — 6 out of 7 child abuse experts concluded these young girls were molested;
      –every objective child abuse expert found child sexual abuse
      –Guardian Ad Litum concluded child sexual abuse and sexual abuse/domestic violence of mother;
      –experts agree mother is good, loving and primary attachment figure to these young girls;
      –family court judge has methodically and strategically buried all of the evidence and declared no abuse or domestic violence
      –judge blames the mother, and is threatening to rip these children away from their mother and give custody to their father
      –three well known attorneys certified to the judge’s bias in this case

This woman is one of us, but also one of many other cases  where mothers trying to protect abused children are being discriminated against by family court judges because of bias, ignorance and corruption of power.
Your presence is urgently needed to save these girls and others. Bring attention to what is a continuation of abuse against battered mothers who try to protect themselves and their children in Essex County ’s family court!
     Date:  Monday, April 27th, 2009
     Time:  12:00 Noon
     Place: Essex County Family Courthouse
              212 Washington Street
              Newark , NJ  07102
Let them know we’re watching and we won’t be silent!
Contact mothersforlegaljustice@yahoo.com and actnow@stopfamilyviolence.org  to say you’ll be there
Free Parking is available at  Edison Parking on Bank Street just off of Halsey. Code word: “protest rally”. Please carpool to the max!
I hope you can join us for this important event!
Together, we can www.stopfamilyviolence.org
Irene Weiser

Join Rally in New Jersey on Monday, April 27th, to Save Two Young Girls from Rath of Family Court « RightsForMothers.com

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