April 20, 2009

DV Most Wanted: AMW's The Nightmare After Christmas

AMW is looking for Abraham Mpaka (Ndapuka Shilongo) for the murder of his girlfriend the day after Christmas, leaving her to die while her children watched.  From what AMW has learned, Coty Paul, a single mother of 2, had learned of Mpaka's con-artist ways and was trying to break off their relationship, but he just wouldn't leave.  On that day, she ignored him while he talked and continued to watch her favorite preacher talk on tv at her neighbors house, he stabbed her in her chest and ran, leaving her to die.  Her 14 year old daughter tried to save her Mothers life by applying pressure to the stab wound while calling 911, but unfortunately it was too late.

These children need this murderer brought to justice!  They believe that Mpaka is still in the S. Florida area, but they aren't sure.  Someone somewhere has had contact with him, and someone has to know where he is!  Please, if you have any information on this murder, contact AMW and help these children bring this monster to justice!  The children deserve to sleep in peace knowing that he's behind bars and unable to hurt anyone else!  He's done this once, he can do this again!

Please, go to AMW and get the information provided and call AMW if you have any further information to give.  This murderer does NOT deserve to be free while these children's lives have been destroyed by their Mothers senseless murder!

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