October 21, 2008

What’s New With UAADV?

UAADV Blogs 

The state blogs are done by the Volunteer State Reps (VSR's) but ultimately fall under UAADV.  None of the state blogs are out there doing their own thing.  Tracy Hommel, UAADV Founder and Mary Morgan, UAADV National Rep. are working together to keep information up for those that do not have state reps yet.  There is also a UAADV News Blog and Teen Blog.

UAADV Peer Support Groups:

Abused Apply Here (AAH) – AAH obtained 33 New Members within the last 2 months. We have 2 members that are currently in hiding safely after leaving their abusers. 1 member is taking steps in leaving an abusive relationship and taking steps towards healing and gaining support.

Non-Custodial Moms Breaking the Silence (NCM-BTS) – NCM-BTS obtained 20 New Members within the last 2 months.

Member Victories

1 Mom has gotten custody of her daughter that was taken by her “X” 6 years ago, whom she searched for in vain for 6 years since he could not be found. Since custody had never been established between them, the system could not help her find her “X” and her daughter. After abusing his current wife and her obtaining an RO against him for herself and her 2 sons, the wife was leaving him and called the Mom of the 9 year old, not wanting to leave her behind in the abusive environment without her to take care of her and protect her. Mother and daughter were reunited thanks to the Step-Mother. At court, the Mom of the 9yr old now has joint custody with the “X”, no visitations until the GAL assigned can submit his findings. The Step-Mother also got joint custody of her 2 sons, with supervised visitations at the daycare 2x a week, and 2 weekends at the Library and McDonalds supervised by the grandmother.

Way to go Momz for protecting those kids!

1 Mom regained 50/50 custody; 3 Momz regained visitation with their children; 1 Mom has gotten custody of her child after 4 years of off and on visitations (visitations were being complicated by the “X”); 1 Mom is now allowed visits a little, and has been without visits for several months; 1 Mom has had her supervised visitations lifted and is now unsupervised with over nights allowed.

Congratulations Momz!

Member Struggles

Being an NCM isn’t without its struggles. We have 3 Momz without electricity at this time due to having to pay ridiculous amounts of child support. 1 Mom has received eviction papers because of the inability to pay rent due to the ridiculous amount of child support she must pay. With the economy the way it is, many are struggling, more so those that are paying ridiculous amounts of child support which leaves them unable to afford to live. One Mom is paying over $400 a month for her child support on one child, with the father making over $70,000 a month himself, with her only bringing in a little over $600 a month with her disability before child support is paid. This is truly an issue………….

Angels Outreach Ministries (AOM) – AOM obtained 4 New Members within the last 2 months.

We have 1 new member that is truly taking the steps necessary towards healing and reconnecting with God. We also have a member that has given up her anger towards God and has come to terms with her abuse within the last 2 months. We are very Proud of these members!

Some of the members on the AOM group are participating now in an on-line Bible Study. The group is now in the second Lesson in “10 Reasons To Believe In A God Who Allows Suffering”. It is a very informative, and we believe a very important study. We are using “Christian Courses” studies in case you would be interested yourself in taking a look, and feel free to join AOM and do the studies with us! We feel that in order to heal from the trauma that you have been through, you must have a belief to hold on to. This is just one way we are being guided to help those get in better touch with their beliefs and take the steps towards healing.

Wings of Hope - Crafty Angels (WOHCA) – WOHCA obtained 2 New Members within the last 2 months.

WOHCA members are still working on making or buying totes for the Christmas Project. These totes will be filled with items that shelter residents need or Christmas presents at the members discretion. If you would like more information, or would like to contribute to this project, please contact Mary Morgan at UAADV.National@gmail.com. Thank You to those that have sent in bags and goodies to go into these totes! It is truly appreciated by us, and we’re sure the victims that receive them will appreciate them as well.

This month, WOHCA will be donating a crocheted afghan to a 7 yr old that lost her Mother last month when she was gunned down in cold blood by her ex-boyfriend in the parking lot of her apartment building, on her way to work. In conjunction with Sheila’s Shawls, a Shawl will also be donated to the Mother of the murdered victim. Pictures and more information will be available on the WOHCA blog when items are finished.  http://www.wohca.blogspot.com/

Graphics for DV Awareness (GDVA) – GDVA obtained 1 New Members within the last 2 months.

One of our members made a YouTube video for Teen Dating Violence. Check it out!


We will also be sharing some graphics from this group under the “Survivor Made DV Awareness Graphic” section, and 2 were shared under the “Action Alert”.

UAADV Advocates (Advocates) – The Advocates group obtained 2 New Members within the last 2 months.

We have new members that have dealt with Teen Dating Violence, unfortunately loosing loved ones in the process. We welcome them, and all Advocates that are willing to share to help build a better tomorrow.

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