October 21, 2008

Le Chrysalis October 2008 Issue

Le Chrysalis Main Article
The Awareness Behind the Awareness - The following is the little talked about/known signs of abuse, and ideas for DV Victims, Survivors & Loved Ones... Read More

What's new with UAADV?
There's a lot of wonderful things going on within UAADV!  Read More

Action Alert
This month we have 2 Action Alerts that we feel needs to be shared... Read More

Survivor Stories
This has been a hard and emotional battle.  Eight years ago I was being abused by my ex emotionally, physically and mentally.  At times I thought I was losing my mind.  I did indeed lose everything I had in my life.  I ran for my life because he threatened to kill me because I told his family about his drugs... Read More

Empowered Teen
This month we are sharing with you the UAADV Teen Blog, they've got some new things going on!  Read More

Empowerment Technique
Make a list of what you enjoy doing, even if you do not spend much time doing that activity, if you enjoy it then put it on your list. This may seem like the same exercise as last week but this is different. This list would include things like reading, crafting, drawing, etc. Things that you consider... Read More

Empowerment Resource
With this month being DV Awareness Month, we wanted to share with you an easy and affordable way you can help Empower... Read More

Dear Chrysalis
This is a new section of Le Chrysalis, which will be updated weekly with letters from Victims, Survivors, Advocates, Friends and Families.  Our mission with this section is to help & continue support of all of the above by having viewers leave comments to show support and help those that need it, while raising awareness of the issues... Read More

Survivor Poems
This issues poem is entitled My Heart... Read More

Survivor Made DV Awareness Graphic
We would like to share a few graphics that were sent to us for this months circular... Read More

Empowered Survivor
Rozetta is a survivor.  Her life struggles began the day she was born and was taken home to a shack in a place called Tin Can Holler in Athens, TN.  As a child Rozetta witnessed domestic violence and lived in poverty.  Her father was an alcoholic and a habitual criminal.  When she was seven years old her father brutally murdered her mother... Read More

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