October 21, 2008

Survivor Made DV Awareness Graphic

Here it is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and I'm not seeing much purple, are you?
I see PINK everywhere!  In the stores, on the TV in commercials, on the news, yet I'm not seeing much purple out there.  On "Tic Tacs", soup cans, batteries, M&M's, yet, where's the Purple?
Don't get me wrong here, but I get really upset in seeing all the pink and no purple.  My Mother is a Breast Cancer Survivor, so I'm very thankful to everything that the Cancer Society is doing, but at the same time, know that we in the DV field have so much further to go to bring out the awareness, and so much more that we can do so.
It's no wonder that most Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence don't even know that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I know that I didn't.  I know that during my abuse I didn't hear about domestic violence.  I didn't even know until years after I was out and had been an Advocate for a few years that our Awareness color was Purple.  Go Figure?
I know that everyone is doing all they can to bring out the awareness, I just think that we need to see a bit more purple out there, mostly during the month of October.
So, with almost 2 weeks left in this month of Awareness, do you have Purple?

This is a graphic that was given to use for our "Graphics for DV Awareness" group.  Thank You!

This graphic was given to use as a banner for Le Chrysalis.  Thank You!

Thank you for all the graphics, keep making them and let's get the Purple out there!


  1. Greetings From The City Of Brotherly Love...Where "Hope Is On The Horizon Magazine"...Is Taking Off The Mask And Breaking The Silence About Domestic Violence


    Thank You For The Work That You Are Doing!!! Expect To See A Miracle!!!

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