October 11, 2008

International Man Of Mystery Could Be Hiding Among Us

Harinder Singh Cheema

  I'm sick and tired of seeing Victims Murdered!  Here is a murderer that may be anywhere within the US, and could even be lining up his next victim.  Help bring this Murderer to Justice!  If you have any information on this Monster that killed his wife, leaving 2 children without a Loving Mom, call AMW!


International Man Of Mystery Could Be Hiding Among Us

Canadian homicide detective Denis Hogg is determined to track down a man he calls a "cold-blooded" killer. Harinder Singh Cheema is wanted for stabbing his wife to death and abandoning his two young children. Cheema could be hiding in the U.S., and Hogg needs your help to track him down.


Has gone by Singh or Peter Gomes


Last December, cops say 28-year-old Harinder Cheema asked a Montreal babysitter to watch his two small children while he looked for his missing wife, Gurpreet Kaur. The babysitter agreed, but police say when Cheema phoned to say that he was traveling across Canada to continue his search, her family demanded that he return to pick up the young children.

The next morning, with no sign of Cheema, Montreal police drove to his apartment complex and peered into his window. Inside, they saw Gurpreet's lifeless body sprawled across the living room floor. Now, AMW is joining an international hunt for Cheema in hopes of taking down the man who police are calling a cold-blooded killer.

AMW Correspondent Jon Leiberman says that Dennis Hogg, the detective responsible for the Cheema investigation, is one of the most dedicated law enforcement officials he's ever met. Jon says that even though this story originated in Canada, Dennis was determined to get it on America's Most Wanted because of the show’s success in capturing fugitives all over the world.
Several of Dennis' colleagues doubted that he could ever get the case featured on American TV, but Dennis set out to prove them wrong.

"All of the police reports were in French when Dennis came to us," Jon says, "and he took the time to translate every document into English to make things easier for us."

Police say that Cheema may still be hiding out north of the border, but there's a good chance that he's crossed over into the United States. Log on to AMW.com to hear Jon’s interview with Detective Hogg. Then, join us Saturday night on the hunt for the fugitive who cops are calling an International Man of Mystery.


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