May 21, 2012

List of Women’s Shelters/Non-profits Receiving Purple Pamper Packages

Sending out another Pixel Project! I just LOVE seeing what they have going, and truly pray that many of you can be a blessing to their projects! Here's what they've got going on now:

Now that Mother's Day is over, we're focused on getting people to sponsor the packages for recovering survivors at 25 women'sshelters across the U.S..

Each package is priced at just $25.00 and provides a hand-and-face spa session for 8 survivors.
Here's the list of the shelters and the number of Purple Pamper Packages they have requested for:

Can you help us rally your page supporters to sponsor the Purple Pamper Packages to help give these women some much-needed pampering?

We only have until 31 May 2012 to offer the Purple Pamper Packages and we want to make sure we fulfil the shelters' request as much as possible!

Funds raised from the sales of the packages go towards The Pixel Project's Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign in aid of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Malaysia's Women's Aid Organisation.

For more details about the Purple Pamper Package campaign, visit

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