October 8, 2009

Real Men Don’t Campaign


Real Men Don't

by:  Gail Lakritz

Every October reminds us that domestic violence still exists With Domestic Violence Awareness Month in America.  Statistics show that it may be more prevalent than reported.  In the United Kingdom,  only 56.8% of incidents are reported by women.1   This suggests that the United Nations reporting of 28% of women whose lives are effected by violence in this country may actually be in the area of 50%. 

In order to reduce that number, it is important to re-educate the public on the issue of violence against women in this country.  So far, the task has been limited to a few women's organizations that have had little or no effect on the problem.  Devoting money to educate women is an important act in preserving her life and the lives of her children, but it does not break the cycle.  The cycle begins with the abuser, not the victim. 

To this end, targeting the abuser by  making the abuser aware that they are the real problem, I suggest that all victims join in a campaign to enlighten the public and lawmakers.  I am suggesting that all victims begin by asking the national men's sports organizations to take up the mantle of an awareness campaign entitled "Real Men Don't".

Why the title "Real Men Don't"?  Real men do not need to feel superior to women.  They are secure in their lives and understand that violence is not needed to ensure their personal security.

Why sports organizations?  Simple, most men watch sports.  Abusers feed on the violence in sports.  A "Real Men" campaign would target the very audience that needs to be reached to end the violence. 

The following is an email that I sent this morning to the National Football League.   If every victim in America, which I personally estimate to be between  3,000,000 to 6,000,000 women per year, were to send this or a similar email to the NFL alone, they would see the prudency in  supporting such a campaign.  

I was wondering why the NFL and other male oriented sports organizations do not help in the  fight against violence predicted on women?  So many of your players have been involved in  these acts, why not go public and support women in ending the violence? 

I thank you in advance for understanding that you are a major player who could have a real  influence in the battle to end the violence.  Perhaps a campaign entitled "Real Men Don't" and a  devotion of commercial spots during your games would set you a cut above all the other sports  organizations.

I can see such a campaign as, not only a source of education to the problem, but as the impetus for the application of peer pressure.  With it, expanded campaigns could include "Real Policemen Don't", the education of the importance of writing accurate police reports and of  arresting perpetrators of violence against women.  "Real Lawyers Don't" for the education of lawyers and GALs in the area of Domestic Violence and not allowing plea deals.  "Real Judges Don't", an education for judges on the mental conditions that these people have and the importance of not protecting them.  "Real Lawmakers Don't", informing lawmakers of the importance of writing stricter laws on Domestic Violence.

Note from the author:  I, Gail Lakritz, grant permission for this article to be reproduced in any form of media that furthers the idea of the "Real Men Don't" campaign.

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