October 1, 2009

Domestic Violence Blog Carnival October 2009

Welcome to the October 2009 edition of Domestic Violence Blog Carnival.  This months edition covers Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Each of the articles below cover DVAM in a general sense while adding a personal touch with either history of the month or ideas for what you can do during the month to support awareness and prevention.

From this months blog carnival bloggers: 

Take Time to Observe Domestic Violence Awareness Month  written by Retha Fielding  and posted at the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

She Will Be Loved...written by Lorraine Tipton and posted at Mama Liberty’s Weblog

Where is Your Purple Gonna Be?  written by Mary Morgan and posted at Tailored Life Coaching.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is October  written by and posted at Chaos Theory

The War On Women written by Gail Lakritz and posted at RightsForMothers

Domestic Violence or Just an Argument?  written by Ashley Waller and posted at Obstreperous Expressions

From the blog carnival Organizer:  October is DVAM submitted by Anonymiss

From this months blog carnival Host:  The Allstate Foundation and Tell a Gal P.A.L  submitted by UAADV News Blog

To find out more information about the Domestic Violence Blog Carnival, submit articles for upcoming editions, or find and read editions please go to the Domestic Violence Blog Carnival Page or email contactanonymiss@gmail.com the originator of this carnival.

Thank you to all the bloggers and readers that have supported us in hosting the October 2009 Domestic Violence Blog Carnival!

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  1. I admire women and men who come to the aid of those being abused by their spouses or intimate partners. We hear the statistics rising on domestic violence and we are somewhat aware this exists, but besides talking about it, what are we actually doing to stop it? How many people actually stop and intercept a couple's raging argument? Does anyone take the time to check on the situation...? Don't you think if we were proactive and took the initiative to help defuse the pending explosion or if you're not comfortable with approaching the couple yourself, at least call the police to check out the situation? It's better to be safe than sorry, especially if the outcome is someone's death. By intercepting a potentially violent situation, could prevent another person from becoming a victim, another statistic.