January 24, 2008

Mre Shame For SC

Man admits guilt to criminal domestic violence incident at Anderson apartment


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— Anderson Municipal Court Judge Ken Mattison said he would wait before deciding if a payment plan is in order for a 21-year-old Anderson man after he pleaded guilty on Wednesday to criminal domestic violence.

Daniel Collins Dove was ordered to pay a fine of $2,125 or spend 30 days in the Anderson City Jail for his role in a 4:30 p.m. dispute Monday on McConnell Springs Road.

According to the incident report, Mr. Dove struck Amanda Holbrooks, 20, of Central in her face after the couple argued over their child.

According to testimony by Anderson City Police and Ms. Holbrooks, she was dropping off the couple’s 35-month-old son for court-ordered visitation at McConnell Springs Road when Mr. Dove struck her face and hit her vehicle’s window.

Mr. Dove testified that he has “been going through a hard time,” including having to pay child support, switching to a daytime shift at work, coping with prescription medicine and problems from being “mentally stressed out.”

“I just want to work and provide for our son,” he said.

Judge Mattison ordered Mr. Dove to enroll in and complete anger management counseling. But an option for a payment plan would be deferred until Ms. Holbrooks obtains an order of protection, Judge Mattison said.

On Oct. 31, police arrested Mr. Dove at the same location after he reportedly chased his mother, grabbing her by the throat and choking her, according to another incident report.

While Kim Mize, 48, spoke to a 911 operator, Mr. Dove was heard telling his mother that “he was going to cut her throat from ear to ear and that he was going to bash her skull in,” according to the incident report.

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