January 22, 2008

The Guilt of the Abused - Pathologizing the Victim by Sam Vaknin

This article gives very good insight into why and how DV Victims are further victimized by nearly everyone they come in contact with after their abuse. This is a long read but packed with many truths, and well worth the time. You will see that you are not alone, you are not going crazy, and will know that there are those out there that do "get it". You will also see why this feels like such an up hill battle to you and why most of the "good" people in society will either ignore your plight or make matters worse even when attempting to help. Please use this information as a means to pull yourself up from the "norm" to re-educate yourself and then to start re-educating those around you; in order to grow and heal!

The Guilt of the Abused - Pathologizing the Victim

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