January 28, 2008

Clackamas deputy accused of domestic violence

Every time I read something like this it makes me afraid of the world we live in and what it holds in store for our future generations, if the laws and this good 'ol boys club are not changed. I am saddened by the fact that one day I may have grandchildren and this is what type of world they are being brought into!

I'm sorry I just don't get this: "Phelan asked that in contrast to usual procedure, Hyson be allowed to retain his weapon for his job and his personal protection, and the judge agreed." (Phelan is the the guy's lawyer) However, Hyson was placed on paid admin leave, so WHY IN THE WORLD does he need his weapon for his job.....and well, frankly why can't he just beat someone up to protect himself....I mean come on he apparently had no trouble with abusing his wife!

There are just so so many things wrong with this entire thing....I mean one judge did arrest him, but this judge seems to think there was no need, and then he shows up late to court and well that is just fine and dandy also....I guess that is because he has a "commendable work ethic and record," what a load of crap! Just read the article!

I hope this woman is safe and aware that he is NOT in jail and still has his weapon!

Clackamas deputy accused of domestic violence in Clark County Clackamas County News, Sports and Entertainment - OregonLive.com

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