October 16, 2007

YOUR WHOLE PET / Protecting victims of domestic violence by protecting their pets

I am glad to see that there are areas where things like this are getting started. I have a dog and cat and would leave neither behind in an abusive home while I left to be safe. They did not ask to be brought into that home, I would feel like I brought them there and they are mostly defenseless and I must protect them. Which I am sure is the same way alot of abuse victims feel about thier pets and thats why this one area at least has seen that by helping the animals they can help the human victim also.

There are other states that have the addition of pets on RO's now!

YOUR WHOLE PET / Protecting victims of domestic violence by protecting their pets


  1. Those are great programs that they are developing and putting to use. I personally agree, i would take my pet with me too. I've taken in several abused animals and loved them like i would a purebred. They have that unconditional love to give. Maybe this will help some others leave a situation that they wouldn't normally because of their pet. Hope it works out.

  2. I applaud CA for all that they are doing, and for realizing this is a problem, and that many victims wills tay in their relationship to protect the animals if they have no-where safe to place them while in a shelter. To some, they are like their children, a part of their families, and they know that if they leave that animal behind with the abuser, the animal will most likely die a very horrible death.
    As a Survivor, and someone that had to leave behind 2 loving dogs (who I'm still tearing over right now), I know how it feels to wonder. With mine, the 2 dogs left behind were left on the back porch, weren't fed, didn't get water, and lived in their feces until a neighbor noticed and called animal control. Do you know my X never got cited for that? It's heartbreaking, and I know of others that have gone through similar and worse experiences.
    Abusers take what you love and care about most, and hold that over you to make you do what they want you to do, to break you down.
    Thankfully, within the rescue community, more and more rescues are seeing the need, and stepping forward. A good friend of mine, Heidi Hansen, that runs Hope Habitat (www.hopehabitat.org), heard of the need through me through us talking, and started taking in animals of DV Victims. There has been a great response to it! She's moving to NC soon, and plans on continuing there, and hopefully what she and other rescues are now doing will spread, and this will be one more safeguard for Victims of DV. One less thing they will loose to their abuser........
    This is something that needs to be done, and I applaud anyone that steps up to do this.
    ~Angel Hugs~