October 16, 2007

Unrelated attempted break-in leads to domestic violence arrest

I do not know these people so this is purely speculation....wonder if there was really an attempted break-in or had she finally figured that was a good way to get the cops there without making him suspicious? If so, great thinking on her part. Another thing I'd like to point out is that those cops are some of the first I've heard of that actually spotted a victim in need while on a call! This wasn't even a DV call and they recognised the problem and took care of it just as it should be!! We need more cops that are that way! Read the article, you'll see what I'm saying......

MyrtleBeachOnline.com 10/16/2007 Unrelated attempted break-in leads to domestic violence arrest


  1. Well if its a way to get the law there then so be it. Whatever it takes will have to work these days. Sometimes they just take their time getting there or don't show at all. Hopefully this will combat that problem in the future if need be.

  2. It's amazing! She may have been tired of the abuse and found out the only way to get him was to report a break in. It also could be the police saw that she was a victim. Or a combination of both.

  3. I'm so glad that she reached out in the way that she knew how, and that finally her horror is over. To think of what she's been through makes me shudder, and so glad that the police recognized a Victim of DV when they were on a totally unrelated call. Way to go SC Police! I pray that she can now heal from her wounds, inside and out, and can now have a chance at the happiness she deserves. As for him, I hope that he gets what he deserves.............
    ~Angel Hugs~