October 22, 2013

October–Breast Cancer & DV Awareness=Women

So much going on!  Here it is once again October, and once again I see so much pink and not enough purple…but that’s ok!  This month is for women, for those that have had to deal with both Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence. 

I met a woman last week who has breast cancer, in fact making her a shawl that is pink and white for it, and learned that she’s also a DV Survivor.  Surprise surprise!  Both Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence hit so many women that it isn’t surprising that it can hit both on the same woman. 

We haven’t been posting here, yet that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy!  Take a look at Le Chrysalis Remembers, which is still being worked on yet will never be done.  Help us to remember those that have past on before us!

As always, stay safe!


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