October 17, 2012

DV Awareness Month???

Once again it's October...& once again I see nothing but pink!  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see it, my Mother is a breast cancer survivor, but it just really makes me jealous at times & sooo mad that there is no purple!  So far, I haven't even heard it mentioned that it is awareness month!

I was talking to a survivor on the phone earlier in the month, & she felt so forgotten & mad that DV wasn't even being mentioned anywhere, & that most of the population doesn't even know it's DV Awareness Month.  The problem is too, that most don't even know that purple is the awareness color!

DV feeds off of isolation & the lack of information.

That right there is the thought that got me up at 5 something in the a.m. & figuring out how to blog from the phone & give my thumbs some early morning excercising.  DV feeds off of isolation & the lack of informtion...oh & let's not forget mis-information!  DV victims & survivors feel so alone in their fight, & for those that are healing the lack of DV ever being mentioned, mostly during DV Awereness Month, it's a hard pill to swallow.

So here's my thought for this a.m. ... what is the DV community going to do to change this?  What can we as Survivors as a whole do about this?  I have some thoughts...would love to hear yours!

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