November 25, 2009

Have a Happy and SAFE Thanksgiving Season

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Dear Sisters,

I pray that you all have a Happy and SAFE Thanksgiving Season! 

During the Holidays, Domestic Violence escalates.  This is something that has been seen time and time again, and I was reminded of it yet again last night.  I was at a friends home to visit, when her friend that I've met a few times came in with her 2 teenage girls crying.  They had just come from talking to the police about the abusiveness of the father of the girls and a man that the mother had lived with for 15 years.  She was trying to hold out through the Holidays for the girls, but it wasn't meant to be...  Thankfully she had good friends to go to that will help hide her and the girls until she can get on her feet, yet, not all victims have that option.

It was just a reminder of how too many are out there, praying to just get through the holidays, and how many don't have the support that they need.  Along with my Thanksgiving wishes to all is the hope that all of us reach out this season to those that we know, and maybe some that we don't, and support them through the holidays.  Along with that is to let Victims and Survivors know that there is support, and not to be shy about reaching out for it just because it's the Holidays.  There are many that care, and that will support you through it, all you have to do is reach out.......

Tracy Hommel
UAADV Founder
Providing the hope to survive today, tomorrow, and beyond...

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