February 20, 2009

Update: Amber Alert Issued for S.C. sisters after mother is stabbed

The sisters and brother have been found safe!!!  Gerardo Reyes-Campos still at large...

Thank God that the girls were found and that that brother is safe as well!  Now, to find the monster that tried to kill their mother and abducted the children.  He's at large and we need your help in finding him!  Someone has seen him, someone knows where he is!  He's out there somewhere, and most likely wont go to where they think he may because he's not going to want to get caught and be put in jail.  Please, re-blog, twitter, and pass on so that we can get this monster where he belongs behind bars for a very long time...

Our prayers are with Diane Madisol Trejo, the children, and her family...

WANTED: Gerardo Reyes-Campos

Officials said that 1-year-old Destiny and 3-year-old Melanie Reyes had been safely found, along with another missing child, 5-year-old Gerardo Hurto.  The children have been turned over to South Carolina authorities.

Their father, Gerardo Reyes-Campos, 29, remains at large.

Deputies warned that Reyes-Campos is considered armed and dangerous.  Members of the public should use extreme caution if they see him and should call 911 immediately.

Reyes-Campos' criminal record in South Carolina dates to 1996 and includes arrests for drunken driving, public drunkenness, domestic violence and cocaine possession.

Reyes-Campos, who is in the country illegally, was deported to Mexico in September, according to Lancaster Sheriff's Maj. David Belk.  Authorities did not know he had returned to the U.S., Belk said.

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office has warrants out against Reyes-Campos for assault and battery with intent to kill.  The office plans to file additional charges against him in relation to the abduction.

Anyone with information should call Lt. Brown with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division immediately at 803-896-7133, or call 911 or *HP (*47) on cell phones.

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