February 9, 2009

Chris Brown Arrested For (Allegedly) Assaulting Rihanna


All over the news of course is the fact that Christ Brown is arrested for beating up a "woman" and being held on a felony charge because the bruises were visible.  GOOD!  In the article it mentions the fact that his father was abusive towards his mother, which made him afraid enough at times to pee himself, and he hates his father till this day for that.  And yet, he couldn't keep himself from becoming just like him?  No surprise that he's become an abuser himself, and whether or not it was to Rihanna or another "woman", glad that justice is being done here. 

Unfortunately, this type of publicity only happens when it's a "Star" having it done to them.  How many women a day are abused this bad or worse, and society never hears about it?  Believe me, would keep the air waves clogged....

Regardless that he's a star, I'm glad to see this going around and hopefully bringing some attention to a cause that needs more publicity, more help, and where society truly does need to open their eyes on the ramifications and long term affects of Domestic Violence.  Too many still state that unless the child is hit themselves, Domestic Violence towards a mother doesn't mean that the father is a bad parent.  Ok, so, going to wait another 15-20 yrs to see the affects as that child becomes the next generation abuser?

  • Instead of appearing at the Grammy Awards, Chris Brown - seen at left with Rihanna at a pre-Grammy party - was arrested for a felony battery.
He surrendered to the LAPD and then posted $50,000 bail. An "unidentified woman" who appeared to have been beaten identified Brown as her attacker. Rihanna did not show up at the Grammys either.
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