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Tech Stuff? WHAT?!? This page is to help you get started with blogging, provide blogging tips, internet tips, safety tips, etc etc we are not an experts by any stretch of anyone's imagination when it comes to internet and computer stuff; everything we know we have taught ourselves by trying things until they work. What we intend to share here are the things that we find ourselves constantly showing to others; this way it is all in one place!

Many domestic violence and/or sexual assault (abuse) survivors want to speak out once they are safe and have started their healing journey. But, many are afraid still to do so, fearing that their abuser may read what they have written online. We plan to give options and solutions here that will allow those that wish to use the internet to speak out, a way to do so safely.

Along the way we will also share different platforms for various things and just give some over all explanations for many things that you may encounter around the internet. We will share from our experiences and trial and error process; not from a "this is right or wrong" or "I am an expert on this", point of view.

If at anytime you need further clarification on something or if you have a specific question you'd like for us to cover in a post for this page; leave a comment here or use the Contact Form on the left.  If you need further clarification on a certain post your best bet would be to leave a comment on that particular post.
To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question...
Blogging Anonymously

Twitter Crash Course
Mobile Tweeting, Give It a Try

Using Gmail
Google Reader

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