August 17, 2016

New Post on LeChrysalis Christian Center: Getting Married - The Feelings of a Domestic Violence Survivor

Getting Married - The Feelings of a Domestic Violence Survivor

It is not for my edification that I'm sharing my feelings at this time...something I find hard to do, opening myself to those I don't even know and God only knows what comments or reaction...but I felt driven to share these feelings of how God has truly brought me to this place in my life!

Please, if you are a Sister or Brother Survivor of abuse, and if you've gone through this time yourself, please read and comment and share your thoughts and experiences!  I know for many of us this is soooo hard to do, yet, I truly feel at this time that it's so important to show that we don't have to stay a Victim!

Thank You for letting me share this with you!

~Angel Hugz~

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