August 16, 2012

About Marital Rape up on LC Library

There is Rape within Marriages! My x-husband would rape me, at the time I didn't see it as rape exactly, just something I didn't want. I didn't realize that him forcing sex on me, or taking advantage of me while on medications and/or asleep

was a sickness, was indeed rape. It really didn't fully hit me until about last month how sick it was when I found out my x-husband is in jail for pedophilia. I'm understanding better now that those that take sexual advantages of someone within a marriage or relationship has a sickness that extends that relationship/situation. Those that rape are sick! They need help, they need to be locked up so that they don't hurt someone else. Know that if you've gone through Marital Rape, it isn't your fault! It isn't your shame to carry around! Put the blame where it belongs and heal...

Le Chrysalis Library: About Marital Rape

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