August 17, 2009

Preventing Abuse Conference

The 7th Preventing Abuse conference, Helping Protect Women, Children, Families and the Nation from Human Trafficking, Child Abduction, Pornography and Internet Predators, will be held September 11–13, 2009 at the Irvine Hilton in CA. (866) 454-1776. Noreen Gosch will be a speaker.

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Conference Overview

1.  Geographic Focus

2.  Impact on America

3.  Examples of Areas Affected by Human Trafficking/Abduction of Women and Children.

      1. Health care costs

      2. Society and social values

      3. Economic costs and impact on

      4. Legal--resource drain, etc.

      5. Social services and more

      6. Victim, and Victim's Family

      7. National Security

    4.  The Demand:

    Areas to be addressed relating to the demand:

      1. Demographics of the customers and the perpetrators

      2. What is the fuel of the kidnap and trafficking problem?

      3. What role does the popular culture have?

      4. How the entertainment industry can assist?

      5. What role does pornography (hard-core and "soft-core") play?

      6. The role terrorism.

      7. The impact of the Internet.

    5.  Legislative

    6.  Law Enforcement

    7.  Child Abduction Prevention:

    8.  Rescue and Recovery

    9.  The Reality of the Problem: The Responsibility to Act.

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