March 30, 2009

And yet, many still say Domestic Violence is a "Family Issue" and not a Societal issue?

I am OUTRAGED!!! Yesterday, I heard the news that a man went on a rampage at a nursing facility in Carthage, NC, killing 8 people including 7 residents and 1 nurse. When I heard that, I told my fiancee "I bet you he is an abuser." I wish I wasn't right, but I was... and sadly I wasn't surprised...

When is society going to truly understand that they can no longer claim Domestic Violence as just a "Family Issue" that should stay behind closed doors and not be talked about? When are they going to understand that abusers don't just hurt those that they love, but others as well? We hear about the extreme cases, such as this, but there are many others that don't touch the mainstream. In jails, there are many abusers that have done other crimes, and many in the jails grew up in abusive households. Abuse creates tendencies in many that can truly continue to harm society! So, when is society going to help do something about it?

Read More on the UAADV NC Blog, please, post your comments on how this makes you feel, your opinions, and share any information you may have that is relevant to this post!  Maybe you had an abuser that has done something similar, has done other crimes other then the Domestic Violence committed toward you.  Please, help us make Society aware that this IS a Societal Issue NOT a Family Issue!

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