November 1, 2008

Teal ribbon a symbol of violence-free life

This is something that New Zealand is doing, something I've never heard being done in the US.  Not to say it isn't, but something I haven't heard, and I think it's a wonderful idea!

To be able to give out ribbons that state that you will live a violent free life, and to commit to it, is a powerful message that I feel should be spread not only in New Zealand, but everywhere.  To not just say "Don't do it", but how not too.  To give support in how to not abuse, how to not commit domestic violence. 

This is something I would like to see being done here in the US, and something I'm going to look into further...

Choose to be Violence Free Campaign

Teal Ribbon Week runs from November 3 to 8.
"It’s saying that as a community we’ve got to call a halt to that and find a way of being in relationships that doesn’t require abuse to resolve our difficulties."

This year’s campaign has a new element of promoting family wellness, he says.

"It’s not just about saying ‘don’t do that’ but about what can we do instead.

"It’s about how can a family or couple move to operating healthily and work with their kids in a healthy way?"

Mr Smith says it’s easier to start a conversation about making a relationship or family healthier than simply asking someone "are you hitting your kids?"

"The only way to make long-term changes is not just about stopping something but about starting something else and making it grow."

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